expanding off off broadway casting

Copying and pasting what I recently posted on a NYC theatre listserv…. I think it’s an important issue…

About a month ago I was thinking about the casting issue….. besides the obvious reasons of trust and friendship, why do off-off broadway companies never publicize auditions for their shows to expand their casting pools?

I realize, as a director, that it’s fantastic to work with the people you know, can trust, and enjoy spending time with, not to mention believing in the talent they bring. And I also realize that people get worried about too many people auditioning and being able to accommodate them.And when we’re self-producing at the same time, and have a million other things to worry about, why worry about collaborating with new actors that don’t know you or the company?? 


That being said, I know that for me artistically, I love working with different actors, and I learn SO much from them every single show. If, for example, you’re a company that has a specific aesthetic niche, it is amazing when such a company breaks out and has different people working on the material because it brings a completely new and exciting perspective.


Also, with regards to company development, it exponentially expands the breadth of the company’s awareness and personal connections. It helps to exponentially create a large network of artists spread all over New York City. And with these artists come friends and family as potential audience members, and friends and family as potential donors (!), not to mention a huge increase in awareness for the company.


So I would love to encourage companies to begin expanding their casting pools by at least posting notices to this and other list servs. I’m not saying backstage cattle calls, but I am saying a more public notification of auditions for off off broadway shows. I know that I’ll be doing it from now on.


~ by mrchevyceleb on October 30, 2008.

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