Here’s Sarah Palin at the RNC last night. Sarah was articulate, passionate, motivating, and intense last night. She did exactly what she needed to do not only to energize the McCain base, but to sway an independent or two over to the right this November. She is very clearly, and very intelligently, a heat seeking missile for Barack Obama. Not a plot to snatch up Hillary supporters as many of us first thought.

I also think she was smug, overly sarcastic, and far too disrespectful to Obama and the Democrats. It seems that Palin’s role will be to let McCain run the positive campaign, while she bitches her way to the negative campaign. A heat seeking missile. And while I think it was very successful last night, it was a whole lot of rhetoric and not a lot of substance. She was clearly uncomfortable talking about policy issues and kept it to boiler plate Republican issues, and was strongest when she was talking about her family (for about 1 third of the speech) and smugly ripping apart Obama (another 3rd of the speech).

But she did her job, however disrespectful and hyper-political it was.

I hope Biden rips her to shreds in the VP debate, I think he will. Because she’ll have to talk about, ya know, issues.


~ by mrchevyceleb on September 4, 2008.

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